Shoplog #1 Birthday Preparations

As some of you may know, in a few short days (5 to be exact) I will be turning 21. While turning 21 in the Netherlands is not that big of a deal in itself, I am planning a nice celebration with my dear friends. Sadly, this year my birthday is in the middle of finalsweek so I already had to do most of my birthday shopping this past Friday. Because the coming weeks are so extremely busy I will focus on writing posts that I have the time for. So today I have my first shoplog lined up for you.


The reason why I did not post a Wednesday reviews last Wednesday was because my package containing the two left products (pictured above) were held accidental hostages by my neighbors. I finally managed to get it back on Friday after ringing their doorbell for the fifth time that week. So let’s go over the products! Now I did get more stuff. However, most of that were birthday decorations and I cannot risk spoiling what I have planned for coming Saturday.


I got the Sleek Creme Contour Kit in Light and I have not had the time to properly try it out yet because I need to get my hands on a serum to soften up the product. This was one of the products which was in the package stuck at my neighbor’s house. The reason why I got this palette is because I never feel quite satisfied when contouring with powder products. This is why I wanted to give this product a try. You can expect a review on this product very soon!


That same package contained my Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa which is a product you can use to thoroughly clean your make-up brushes. The top and the bottom screw off which leaves the middle for the cleaning. The black elastic bands on the bottom are supposed to help your brushed dry faster. You can also expect a review on this product very soon. I’ve already tried it out and cannot wait to let you know what I think of it.


Finally, in that same package was this lipstick which was a gift because my order was over a certain amount. I am not sure what I think of the colour since it is quite an orange red and I prefer deeper reds.


I wanted a new eyeshadow shade for my birthday because while I own a ton of eyeshadow palettes, they all pretty much contain either brownish shades or rose coloured shades. I wanted something a little more special and that is why I went to a M.A.C. counter and asked for advice. The girl who helped me showed me this beauty and I was immediately sold. After she applied it I was 100% sure that this was the one. So on my birthday I will be rocking the M.A.C. Dazzleshadow in Let’s Roll.


Because the shade of my dress is a mixture of oldish pink and powdery pink I needed a nice nailpolish to match my outfit which I why I got this beauty. I used to have a major nailpolish addiction and now that the polishes of Etos have been renewed I fear I might start a new stash in my ‘new’ home.


To avoid looking like a tall glass of milk on my birthday I figured I might as well try something like this. I sure do hope it does not turn my legs into hotdogs but I am curious as to whether this stuff works or not. The reason why I picked this product is because it is not a self-tanner. The product is supposed to nourish the legs while giving them a nice natural colour. Also, if you do not like the way it turned out you can just simply wash it off.

Finally, I got a new contouring brush perfect for my new contour kit. Sadly the picture messed-up so I am unable to attach it but you can see it pictured in the opening photo. The brush is really soft and part of the new brush line by Etos. I would definitely recommend checking their new brushes out, they are amazing.

I hope you guys liked this post and bear with me through these extremely busy times. Soon the blog will be back to normal.



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