Room for Thought #8 Oh Honey…

CoverGirl just announced its first male model and the internet is losing its mind. As soon as I got on Facebook I was confronted with the loud and obnoxious opinions of religious people. Before I knew it I was reading a discussion on the role of the man and the woman in marriage and all I could do was laugh. If you tell me that I’m not equal to men then my reaction will be exactly that, I will laugh at you. 


I am a firm believer of “You do you” so if you are a man and you want to wear make-up, be my guest. If you are a woman and you want to be submissive to your husband, go right ahead. It is not up to me to decide how you have to live your life. So as long as nobody gets substantially hurt because of your choices then be sure to live life to the fullest. I am just as much an expert in living as you are (I have no clue what I am doing). I do believe that life is all about figuring out who you are and what you can do to make the most out of it. I follow James on Instagram and I think he is the (except for that period where he was paid by Uber, that was kind of annoying). I mean it is his body, who are we to start messing with this guy’s life? And quite frankly he is amazing at doing make-up.

However, some people were arguing that God has decided what role we are expected to play in society and thus there is no room for men wearing make-up… Okay first of all, I don’t really think they understood the concept of make-up when the Bible was written. I mean Cleopatra wore make-up but then again men in that time did too. Second of all, and this is my personal opinion, the Bible was written way way back, I do not think they were ever prepared for the progress society has made. So clinging to every single word in the Bible is in my opinion not a very sensible thing to do. Use it as a guideline but do not condemn everything which is not mentioned. I’m not here to judge but if you decide that you are going to life entirely according to the Bible, please make sure you stop eating pork and shrimp, oh and do not forget you are not allowed to wear mixed fabrics. Luckily nobody bats a lash when you do one of those things. Yet everyone is so quick to jump to judgements when it is anything beside those things which were ruled “outdated”. That is not how life works. Besides how are you personally affected by a guy wearing make-up or a same-sex couple being together? Should the ultimate goal in life not be to look back and think “I have no regrets and loved the things I have done and accomplished.”

Furthermore, like I mentioned if you like being a submissive wife you go ahead, be the best submissive wife there is. But don’t you dare tell me that I am not equal to men. Do not stuff your opinion down my throat. I will never find myself in a situation where I will act as if my significant other is more important than I am unless I chose to do so. It is not embedded in my life that I am less important. The only way for my life to become less valuable than that of a man is if I let it and as long as I choose not to do so, I will still be an equal. Point being, do not let anybody trick you into thinking you are worth less than somebody else. You are unique and should have the same amount of rights as any other individual. So you do you.! As long as you are not intentionally hurting someone it is hard to believe that there is anything wrong with you.

In a society which is so set on discouraging others be a light in the darkness. When a young girl at my work whispered to her grandmother that she thought my hair looked awesome she put a smile on my face that lasted the entire day. That same day a guy came in wearing make-up and I am telling you, he was slaying his contour. So when someone makes a choice for their personal betterment either choose to support them or do not say anything. Try to see the beauty in everything instead of letting hateful thoughts cloud your day. Be kind, the world needs more of that. My God is a loving God.



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