You Have Heard of Murphy’s Law but Get Ready for Nica’s Law

At first we seemed like an unbreakable duo. When I met you the weather was cold, the days were short but you were there to keep me in touch. You seemed to get along with the others just fine. You were fast and beautiful and everything I had ever dreamed of. When it got even colder you would sometimes stop but after assuring you that this cold would not do you any harm you were back again. So when you started to act up I did not know what to think. I have always given you love. I have protected you, cherished you and you decided to turn you back on me. It hurts.



Now you may wonder what that was all about and the answer is simple my iPhone 6s, which I had to ship off because the battery stopped functioning properly. What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Well this might have been one of the worst weeks of my life, everything that could go wrong pretty much went wrong x 1000. It all started with my phone, which stopped working after it had not even been mine for a year. The battery would just die on me every time it would get around 30%. So naturally I contacted Apple. They did a scan of my iPhone and told me that the battery seemed fine. So what I was expected to do was to delete my entire iPhone and see if the problem still occurred… At that time that was not a possibility because sadly half of my life is on that phone. The app which keeps me in touch and up to date on my own blog, my messenger, all my important emails and my agenda’s, notes and such which I need on the daily. A few weeks later I decided that having to deal with an iPhone that stops working while it still has 1/3 of its battery left was not that much of an option either.

So I contacted the Apple customer service again and told them that I thought their solution was weird because how do they expect businesspeople to handle issues like these? Are they expected to just buy a new phone? After I did the test and deleted all my info it soon became apparent that the problem still existed which means that luckily it is not the fault of my back-up. We then talked about the options and decided that shipping it off personally was the best solution, no problem. So when on Friday I decided to call the shipping service to make an appointment to pick my package up I was quite stunned that my phone tells me I am not allowed to call that number… Which results in me dialing the customer service of my phone plan (trust me when I say that I have NEVER spoken with this many different customer services and customer service employees in my entire life) and they tell me that I am not allowed to dial these phone numbers in the first two months of my plan due to the costs… The only solution is to pay €125 to have the ban lifted. I am a college student, the day I have €125 to spare will be the day that I have finally found a real job. So that was no help either. Luckily for me I was meeting someone at H&M. Arriving there I borrow her phone to call the company. After being held up by one of those robots and having shouted my phone number for all to hear (those robots do not really understand you otherwise) I was transferred to a customer service employee (employee: 6 company: 4). Sadly she could not help me because I did not have the tracking code with me… She could however help me with locating a store where I could drop it off.

The next day I was slightly more positive. I had called the store to check if I would get a receipt as to show that I had delivered my package and they said that that would not be a problem. So when the next day I arrive I am quite stunned when the lady scans the package and says “Okay, that’s it.” Ehm no miss I need a receipt. She then tells me that they have stopped giving those out a few months back. Now everything which has led up to this moment has gone wrong so I am not letting fate take over here. She suggests I take a picture of the tracking code… “Well that would be kind of hard since my phone is in that bag you’re holding.”After some back and forth she hand writes the tracking code on a piece of paper supplied by the shipping company (was that all that hard to do to begin with?) and I guess that that will have to do. I am now just praying that everything will go alright.

I would not consider myself an unlucky person, I would even suggest that I am a very lucky person. However, as all the above mentioned drama was going on I managed to get myself in even more hassle:

  • The gears on my bicycle do not work properly anymore (my dad had just fixed my bike last week).
  • Because that was not enough I got into an accident while on the bike (not my fault though).
  • I don’t travel a lot with the train anymore since I live on my own but when I tried to get to my mother on Thursday I instead got to see half of Amsterdam. This resulted in quite a delay.
  • While looking for my mother my phone stopped working.
  • I was given the old iPhone of a friend of mine which pretty much stopped working as soon as I touched it.
  • Another friend had an old Samsung laying around which sort of worked. It only took me 24 hours to figure out how to install Whatsapp.
  • Yesterday, another friend had a bit of a newer phone lying around. After picking it up and arriving back home I realized I forgot the charger and had to go back (However, I am truly grateful for all the sweet people around me who are so willing to help).
  • I managed to present on a topic very confidently while mixing up an important date which was part of one of our arguments…
  • I got woken up at 5 in the morning before a very long work day

But in general I am very lucky for all the things that do go right. I know that this bad spell will pass. I trust that nothing unmanageable would be tossed in my lap. So while things at times took a turn for the worst this week I am able to see how lucky I am. I am able to live on my own with a roof above my head and food in the fridge (most of the times, right now is the end of my financial month). I am able to do a double bachelor and have a family who loves and supports me. I have friends everywhere who will pick me up when I am at my lowest. So just when I think that the things could not get any worse, I realize that in general my life is not bad at all.



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