5 Artists Who Are Perfect for Fall

I know that Monday’s are usually reserved for Room for Thought but I have been incredibly busy this week so I have not been able to think about anything serious and form a coherent train of thought. However, Autumn is here and now that it is getting cold and the days are shortening I want to share my favorite artists to enjoy this season.


1. Jack Johnson 


I do not own the rights of this photo

First of all, Jack Johnson. This man is a musical genius and has helped me through countless rainy evenings, Sunday study sessions and late night food cravings. Jack’s music is very laid back and actually has more of a Summer vibe. Which is why I think it is perfect for fall. It keeps the dreadful weather from raining on your mood. My favorite songs are: All at Once, Better Together, Do You Remember and Upside Down.

2. John Mayer


I do not own the rights of this photo

John Mayer has stolen my heart. I do have to be honest and say that I did not discover his music until I was around 16 years old. But ever since John (and Jack) are my studybuddy’s, my partners in crime. His music is so diverse but also very soothing. I love hearing Mayer’s voice and amazing guitar skills blast through my speakers. I could definitely recommend listening to: In Your Atmosphere (this song only has a live version), Walt Grace’s Submarine Test and Dreaming with a Broken Heart.

3. Florence + the Machine


I do not own the rights of this photo.

Florence is very different from the others but nonetheless very awesome. She has a very unique voice and sound and while I definitely do not like all of her songs I think she is great when it comes to soundtrack to your evening of tea and books. My favorite songs are: Wish That You Were Here, Shake it Out and Dog Days Are Over.

4. Gavin James


I do not own the rights of this photo

I genuinely think that Gavin James is a gift from God. While I did not like his breakthrough hit Book of Love I came across the rest of his album a while back and was immediately sold. To me he is like the male version of Adele. His songs are beautifully written and quite calm which makes it easy to focus on your reading when it plays in the background. Now my all time favorite song of his is Nervous. The acoustic version is the best. I have no problem with listening that same song for over 20 times in a row. It is so incredibly beautiful! Other songs are: Remember Me and Bitter Pill.

5. Adele


I do not own the rights of this photo

And finally, the woman with the powerhouse voice, Adele. I do not care how cliché it might sound but I think she is absolutely amazing. Of course, you have her well known hits but the rest of her albums are also very much worth a listen. Songs from Adele that I would recommend are: Remedy, Hometown Glory and Make You Feel My Love.

I hope you guys liked this list and I would love to know who your go to artist is. So feel free to comment below. Normally I would have put sources underneath the photos. However, I was unable to find any. Therefore the short disclaimer that all the rights of these pictures do not belong to me but to the rightful owners.





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