Wednesday Reviews #8 NYX Liquid Suede

In case you had not noticed yet; liquid lipsticks are the new black. Which is why I will be reviewing the NYX Liquid Suede today. I really love NYX, they are a great brand with affordable prices and high quality products. I already own one of their Soft Matte liquid lipsticks. However, the colours they have in stock in the store which retails them are all kind of off. Which is why I personally favor the colours of the Liquid Suede because they come in a greater colour palette. 


I ordered the Liquid Suede lipsticks a while back. What I personally like about liquid lipsticks is that they can provide a matte finish without completely drying-out your lips. My lips always seem to be extremely dry and that is the biggest enemy of lipstick. Because if your lips are dry you are able to see every crack through the lipstick itself. So on those days that my lips are managable I like to wear lipstick. While I definitely love my M.A.C. matte lipsticks they simply are not as matte as a liquid lipstick. Also with regular lipsticks that have a matte finish they tend to dry-out your lips even more. Which is why I prefer using liquid lipsticks if I want a good matte finish.

I got the Liquid Suede lipsticks in the colours: Amethyst & Cherry Skies. I chose Amethyst because I think that purple lipsticks can be really beautiful if you assemble the right look. I already own a regular purple lipstick by M.A.C. (Heroine) and I get so many compliments when I wear it that I decided to give Amethyst a shot. I picked Cherry Skies because I don’t think that there is a more perfect colour than dark red for on your lips. Red is just always such a classy colour and because this red is pretty dark it has something sophisticated about it.


On the picture shown above I’m wearing Cherry Skies. This is my favorite colour of the two. That also has to do with the fact that because I have red hair right now Amethyst makes me look quite alternative. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is just not who I am.


The picture above shows me wearing Amethyst. I really like both colours, the price of the product is great as well. However, if you try to eat or drink with this product on it will start to crumble. Sometimes when lipstick does that you are able to reapply a new layer and the problem is solved. But with the Liquid Suede it works best to take it off and reapply it. Which in my personal opinion is quite some work. Also, the lipstick might crumble a bit after wearing it a while because of the rubbing of your lips when you talk and such.

Does that mean that I think it is a bad product? No, my other liquid lipsticks often have the same problems. The pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks is fantastic and they are really easy to apply as well. The line has way more colours to offer so I would definitely check them out if you like the coverage. In the Netherlands they retail NYX at Douglas stores and in their webshop.

I would love to know what you think of this product and these colours so feel free to let me know in the comments below.



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