Room for Thought #7 Make-up Mania

It is Sunday evening, the weather outside has been dreadful all day. I have lit my candles, am wearing my most comfy loungewear and just finished a big cup of camomile tea. It is time to write another Room for Thought. This week will be about make-up. Whether you like make-up or not, everyone has a opinion on make-up and I am no exception. So be sure to read on if you are curious what my thoughts are.


I love make-up, I absolutely do! If you have visited my blog before you might have been able to tell from my reviews. However, that does not mean that I am not able to critically reflect on make-up. If you go on Facebook you will probably be able to find a picture related to make-up within a few minutes. They can either be encouraging or mocking someone who wears make-up. The internet these days is obsessed with make-up whether that is in a positive way or not.


To explain my stance on make-up it might make it more understandable to tell you a quick history of my make-up experiences. Now I will not go into too much detail of all the children’s make-up palettes I used to have or had won at the carnival. So let’s skip ahead to when I was ten (I think). My mother would not let me buy or wear make-up (besides the occasional make-over with her make-up and boy did I think her stash was a treasure!) so when my birthday came up I asked my best friend if she would buy me mascara and an eyepencil. That way my mother could not refuse because throwing it away would be a waste. I was such a clever kid. So that was when I started to line my waterline and wear mascara on my lashes. My eyes hated the eyepencil and I would always end up teary-eyed but I never actually gave up. Then, thank God, I realized that the liner made my eyes look incredibly small so I stopped wearing that. I think I maybe even quit wearing make-up for quite awhile. From that point on up until I was 15 I did not wear that much make-up. When I was 15 I discovered eyeliner and I was sold. When I lived in the USA I bought my first foundation but it wasn’t until I started working after I moved back when I really got into make-up. Flash forward to now, I own way too much make-up but I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.


However, last year it got to a point where I considered myself ugly when I did not wear make-up. I started to compare myself even more to other women and girls and became truely miserable. From that point on I realized that I had a love hate relationship with make-up. I got quite scared by the thought that make-up was able to have such an effect on my selfworth. I do not think that make-up should so now I only wear mascara on weekdays and for special occasions or when I really feel like it I’ll go full out. Which brings me to my point that make-up is fun and I do believe that it can be considered a form of art. On the other hand I do not think that make-up should define who you are as a person. You are more than the shape of your eyebrows or the blending of you shadows.


While I do feel that make-up can be empowering I think it should be empowering in the sense that it makes you proud of what you can achieve through make-up but also makes you appreciate how you look. Make-up creates awareness of the features of your face. If you keep practicing you will find out what works best for your face and what not. I do think that it is a shame that so many girls consider themselves ugly without make-up or try to hide certain things which make them unique. I do understand the insecurity, I have these two birthmarks on the side of my face which I’ve been extremely aware of my entire life. I remember days on which I thought that I would never find love because of the way my left side of my face looks (absolutely ridiculous I realise now). That is to me personally one of the downsides of make-up. It provides us with a means to change features of ourselves rather than teaching us how to accept them.


I think that make-up can be a beautiful tool but it is not worth looking like a complete stranger when you are not wearing make-up (once again to me personally). So every time that I find myself thinking that I’m ugly or when I am feeling extra conscious of my appearance I banish make-up out of my life for at least a week. If I’m not capable of accepting myself without make-up then I should not use make-up in order to ‘change’ things about myself.


So by all means perfect that brow of yours, blend them shadows seamlessly and work that liquid lipstick! Above all try to be satisfied with who you are, with or without make-up. But most of all as your natural self because you are uniquely beautiful! Let me know in the comments whether you wear make-up and what you think of make-up.



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