Wednesday Reviews #9 Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa

Yesterday was extremely busy I had a US literature final from 13:30 till 16:30 and afterwards a Communications final from 17:00 till 20:00. The planning was to lay in bed and treat myself to a TWD marathon but I ended up at a bar and did not get back till 4 in the morning. This is why today’s Wednesday Reviews is a little late, but considering that I have not had time at all the past few weeks for Wednesday Reviews late is better than never right?


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Shoplog #1 Birthday Preparations

As some of you may know, in a few short days (5 to be exact) I will be turning 21. While turning 21 in the Netherlands is not that big of a deal in itself, I am planning a nice celebration with my dear friends. Sadly, this year my birthday is in the middle of finalsweek so I already had to do most of my birthday shopping this past Friday. Because the coming weeks are so extremely busy I will focus on writing posts that I have the time for. So today I have my first shoplog lined up for you.


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Room for Thought #8 Oh Honey…

CoverGirl just announced its first male model and the internet is losing its mind. As soon as I got on Facebook I was confronted with the loud and obnoxious opinions of religious people. Before I knew it I was reading a discussion on the role of the man and the woman in marriage and all I could do was laugh. If you tell me that I’m not equal to men then my reaction will be exactly that, I will laugh at you. 


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You Have Heard of Murphy’s Law but Get Ready for Nica’s Law

At first we seemed like an unbreakable duo. When I met you the weather was cold, the days were short but you were there to keep me in touch. You seemed to get along with the others just fine. You were fast and beautiful and everything I had ever dreamed of. When it got even colder you would sometimes stop but after assuring you that this cold would not do you any harm you were back again. So when you started to act up I did not know what to think. I have always given you love. I have protected you, cherished you and you decided to turn you back on me. It hurts.



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How to Cope with Stress

No Room for Thought and no Wednesday Reviews? I first of all want to apologize I know that things have not been going on this blog the way they normally do. I have just been extremely busy the past few days. Finals are coming up and I have research papers pilling up all around me that have to be finished. This is why it seemed fit to write a post on how to deal with stress. Because if there is anyone who knows stress, it is me. It did not feel right to do a Wednesday Review on Thursday but I will make it up by posting again this week.


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Wednesday Reviews #8 NYX Liquid Suede

In case you had not noticed yet; liquid lipsticks are the new black. Which is why I will be reviewing the NYX Liquid Suede today. I really love NYX, they are a great brand with affordable prices and high quality products. I already own one of their Soft Matte liquid lipsticks. However, the colours they have in stock in the store which retails them are all kind of off. Which is why I personally favor the colours of the Liquid Suede because they come in a greater colour palette. 


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Room for Thought #7 Make-up Mania

It is Sunday evening, the weather outside has been dreadful all day. I have lit my candles, am wearing my most comfy loungewear and just finished a big cup of camomile tea. It is time to write another Room for Thought. This week will be about make-up. Whether you like make-up or not, everyone has a opinion on make-up and I am no exception. So be sure to read on if you are curious what my thoughts are.


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