5 Books that Are Perfect for Fall

The leaves are slowly turning brown, the wind brings in the cold and the days are getting shorter… Autumn is here! If there is one thing which is THE ingredient for a perfect evening it is a good book. Combined with a nice cup of tea and a nice soft blanket or onesie and there is no way I’m getting out of the house. Which is why today I wanted to share the five books which I think are perfect for this season.


1. To Kill a Mockingbird
I know that this is by no means a new book but it is one of my favorites. Lee tells a story of real life issues through the eyes of a child. While it is definitely a classic and probably on a lot of school reading lists I don’t think you can ever read this book too many times. I remember having to read this book in high school and being half scared to death because Literature was never my strong suit in high school. I absolutely loved it and got a 9,3 on the final exam. If you have not read it yet, get your hands on a copy because this is a page turner.


2. A Visit from the Goon Squad
One of my majors, as you may know, is English and because I have (had) a lot of literature classes, I also have (had) to read a lot of books. A Visit from the Goon Squad is a book I had to read for my US Literature course and I absolutely loved it. It is the right combination of humor and a kind of darkness. I loved the story because it was kind of raw. The book does not give some airbrushed version of life. Instead, the characters all have their own troubles. This makes them relatable because they are obviously flawed. Speaking of page turners, I finished this book within a day.


3. The Fault in Our Stars
I know this is another well-known book but with the dreadful weather of Autumn this tear-jerker is the perfect match. If you have not read the book, it is about Hazel Grace Lancaster who suffers from cancer and meets Augustus Waters who is finally cancer free. I have read the book three times I think and I’m still absolutely in love with it. John Green is one of my favorite writers. His other books are great as well however, this one is one of the most memorable ones.


4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
This was one of those stories which I had heard a lot about but never actually read. So last year for one of our national holidays I asked this book and got it. This is more of a short story but I really liked it. My edition came with another short story The Bottle Imp which I maybe liked even more than the main story. If your not that much into big books then this might be the option for you. However it is considered literature which means that it might not be the easiest read.


5. A Clockwork Orange
Now this book is very different from all the others. There is a lot of cussing and abominable things going on. However, that is also part of its charm. The book tells a really raw story and depicts an dystopian society. It kind of shocked me and I definitely needed the glossary Wikipedia provided to understand the slang but I thought it was really interesting. If you would consider yourself sensitive I might suggest you’d pass up on this book.


I’m curious as to what you think of this list and if there are any books you would personally add. Feel free to let me know.



5 thoughts on “5 Books that Are Perfect for Fall

  1. Lily says:

    What about this coincidence: I just started Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde yesterday, no joke. I bought it for English class but never got around to reading it, even though I managed to convince Zoë otherwise 🙂

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