Room for Thought #6 Presidential Elections USA

First of all, it felt so weird not to post on Sunday, I do kind of miss Solo Sunday so maybe it will return every once in a while. I want today’s post to be about something you could not have missed… the Presidential Election in the U S of A. While first and foremost it is really important to use your right to vote I would like to make a case why you should not vote for Trump. Please do read and if you are not convinced by the end of this post then that is your right.


Gun control:
The first point being that gun control is not a bad thing. I get that it is your constitutional right to bear arms. I get that in a country with so many extreme views and such you want to protect yourself. What I do not understand is how a one hour wait will be a bad thing. It does not prevent you from buying a gun. It may prevent a mass murder from happening though. While I totally understand the need to protect one’s family, I don’t understand why people do not realize the fatality of arms. People say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Up to a certain point that is true. It does not mean that providing people with guns does not make it easier for people to kill other people. Gun control is proven to be effective just look at Australia or just watch this video. The amount of times innocent people have died because there is no gun regulation is way too many. Your vote could protect hundreds of people from dying, your vote could make a change.

Women’s rights:
Second of all, a vote for Trump is a vote against women. Even when you believe that women should stay at home and work around the house while the man is the provider of the family. Even if those are your beliefs then voting for Trump is a vote against your (future) wife. Trump continually objectifies women and as soon as he does not like them he is sure to comment on their appearance. When asked about it he argues that he loves and encourages women however fails to provide evidence on how and what. Trump is against planned parenthood in the sense that he is against abortions. Now I know that this is another heavy debate. Often people think of it as murder. But can you imagine being raped by a man, a trauma which you will live with for the rest of your life, and then being denied an abortion on the grounds that a old white man does not think it is right. What happens in the female body should not be decided by the public, that should be up to the ‘owner’ of the body. When people are not ready for a child it should not be forced onto them. Voting for planned parenthood is not a vote for massive abortions, its about giving women power over their own bodies. It’s about providing information and safe places for women. Just because you would never go through with an abortion (I mean I could not) does not mean you should take that right away from other women.

Finally I want to talk about the immigrants. Donald Trump is so misinformed and racist that I could not imagine how having him become president would do the world any good. Now I understand that the American Dream is all about the selfmade man and about getting to the top through hard work and never giving up. But let us not forget that because of other people we get to do the things that we do. I would not be able to work in a store if it were not for costumers. Trump would not be able to build and sell his buildings if it weren’t for other people. How independent one may want to be, you simply don’t get there all by yourself. You need others, which to me means that you have a moral obligation to help others. When Trump mentions that the illegal immigrants from Mexico are all rapists and such he fails to see that without them he would not be able to drink orange juice in the morning if he wanted to. So many of those illegal immigrants pick oranges for a living. A job that many Americans would feel is way below them. These people don’t steal your CEO positions because they are not even given the chance if they wanted to. As if it is such a bad thing to go to another country and try to make a living. What about all the Americans who work abroad and do fill important positions like CEO CFO and such. We don’t complain about those people, is that not very hypocritical? As for the Muslims Trump is obviously very ill informed or he just likes to play around with the serious feelings of fear of the American people. I live in a neighborhood which is mostly Islamic. There is a mosque about 500 meters away from my house and I love living here. My house has not been bombed, there have not been mass murders or anything like that. Muslims are civilized people and that is what their religion tells them. Do not judge an entire group based on a few horrible people. We do not hold all Christians accountable for the acts of the Klu Klux Klan, nor do we hold all the Catholics accountable for the child abuse within the church. So how can you justify judging all Muslims based on one group?

I want to finish with this video by John Oliver on Donald Trump. The important thing is to exercise your right to vote. So many people have died or are fighting for their right to vote, use that privilege. But I do hope that when you go to vote you realize the effect this might have on the rest of the world, on the women in your life and all that is important.


3 thoughts on “Room for Thought #6 Presidential Elections USA

  1. resterrestern says:

    I like your post! I do not like Donald Trump either because he is racist, incompetent etc. Unfortunately, Hillary is not better than him in many other things like being endorsed by a dictorship, and 3rd political parties do not have any chance to win the next elections since the system itself does not allow it.


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