My Skincare routine

You come home after a long day, first thing you want to do is jump in bed, close your eyes and doze off into a deep, nice sleep. Last thing on your mind is taking off your make-up. Heck, I cannot count the mornings on which I woke up to realize I smeared my foundation all over my lovely white pillowcases. But taking care of your skin is really essential which is why today I’ll be sharing my skincare routine.


While I like to use these particular products what I personally find more important is the routine. What brand you use does not really matter as long as you use products which work with your skin. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they think they do not need to clean their skin when they don’t wear make-up… wrong! So let me go over my routine step by step and explain why every step is so important.


Step 1: Taking off make-up
First of all I like to use a micellair water (fun fact: I misread the name when I first came across this product and thus called it miracle water *shame*). I now use the Etos Cleansing micellair water but I have tried the Nivea one as well. A micellair water is supposed to be a make-up remover, cleansing milk and tonic in one. So the ideal product for lazy people like me. But before you decide that this is all you need let me try and convince you to expand your cleansing routine. This is a step which can be skipped when you are wearing no make-up but be sure to check out the next steps.


Step 2: Cleansing skin
This step is important for two reasons. When you do wear make-up this step is important because otherwise you leave your make-up remover on your skin. This would not be a good thing because often make-up removers have some sort oil in it thus clogging your pores. If you don’t wear make-up this step is important because while your pores may not have been stuffed by make-up all day however, that does not mean your skin hasn’t gotten dirty during the day. When you go outside you get exposed to all kinds of things. If you don’t clean your skin you increase the chances of breaking out.


Step 3: Closing pores
Finally (in the cleansing process), it is recommended to use a tonic. While the other cleansing products have opened up your pores to get the make-up and dirt out a tonic closes the pores again. This makes sure that your pores don’t become clogged and that your moisturizer is taken up effectively.


Step 4: Day & Night cream
This brings me to my next step, using a day or night cream. During the summer I like to use the Roc Pro-Preserve Fluid because it has a light texture but does really moisturize the skin. I often forget using a cream up until right before I have to leave so when the cream is too rich I start sweating it out of my pores as soon as I get on my bike. This leaves my skin all shiny and stuff… not the desired effect. Also important, the difference between a day and a night cream. A day cream is often of a medium texture. It’s first and foremost job is to protect your skin during the day. When you get outside your skin is confronted with the sun, the wind, (in the Netherlands often with a lot of) rain. These things can be really damaging for your skin so it is important to protect it. A night cream is of a richer texture this is because during the night your skin rests just like the rest of your body. Therefore your skin has time to heal. A night cream moisturizes and makes sure that your skin stays hydrated.


Extra: Using a cleansing foam
One those days when I feel like spoiling myself a little I use a cleansing foam as well. These foams make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed but also have a hydrating effect. They are perfect for using under the shower and often smell really nice.

Now I can see you thinking “She did not mention exfoliating!” and that is true. I don’t exfoliate that much because the skin of the face is quite sensitive. I used to exfoliate quite a lot back in the day but these days when I feel I need to get rid of old skin cells I use my cleansing brush with a cleansing gel.

I hope you enjoyed my skincare routine and be sure to let me know what your favorite products are and in what order you like to use them.



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