Wednesday Reviews #6 Re-reviewing Sleek Solstice

A few weeks back I wrote a review on the Sleek Solstice Highlighting PaletteI am re-reviewing the product today because I think that the true quality of a product can only be commented on after trying it out a couple of times. 


I have had the palette now for four weeks and I’m still very happy with it. While I would not say it is fully Nica-proof (meaning for some reason I touch my face a lot sometimes thus smudging my make-up) I do believe that it is a good product.

I have a very sensitive skin which results in my skin sometime reacting poorly to certain products. I have not had any trouble with this product. The palette does not seem to contain much perfume which is also very helpful.

A few weeks back I had a workevent after working. I used the highlighter in the morning and checked after the workevent if it was still in place. You could still tell I was wearing highlighter but it did not pop as much as it did that morning. So when I went out that night I did have to reapply the product.

However, I did get a lot of compliments while wearing the highlighter. It is very pigmented and the four different highlighters provide a lot of freedom when it comes to the type of look you want to create. I do not use the brush that comes with the palette because it’s way too harsh. The bristles of the brush are really tough and so it feels as though something is scratching my skin while using it. Having a sensitive skin this is a really unwanted result. Luckily I have an amazing contour brush by Real Techniques. Price-wise though it does not really matter. For a really low price you get an amazing palette so who cares if the brush is not that great. There are single highlighters which retail for way more which are not necessarily better.


Final thoughts:
I would recommend this palette because it has quite a few options for a friendly price. When it comes to the durability I would recommend using a good fixing spray and then probably this problem of durability will be non-existent.



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