Room for Thought #5 the Female’s biggest enemy

I want to start today’s blog with a video:

Can you guess what today’s post is about? I have been convinced of this quite sometime; our (we as females) biggest enemy is the woman. Let me explain why and how. Taraji in the interview above talks about how her character in the movie works together with other females instead of cat fighting. This is a very important point she makes. I cannot recount the amount of times I’ve read about women not supporting other women in the workplace. Or the times that I have seen women bashing other women. This is not the way to go about things.

Image result for when a bitch be talking shit

This picture above is the perfect example. The first time I came across this meme I was actually really shocked. Why would you want to ruin someone’s life and how do you expect the world to take you seriously when this is the attitude you have? Of course, you are not going to like everyone you encounter but does that mean you should aspire to ruin someone’s life by posting things they have confided to you? Women these days are portrayed as disloyal (“These hoes ain’t loyal),  jealous, crazy and so on. They are ridiculed for their clothes, the amount of make-up they wear and more than anything else compliments seem to be pretty much non existent in today’s world. As if women these days thrive on the failure of other women.

I can’t say that I’m surprised if people don’t take us serious when we are too busy with bringing ourselves down. We won’t need men to objectify us if things go on like this. We’ll be doing all the work ourselves. We have turned into our own enemies. If we want to be taken seriously we need to act united. We need to support other women. You may not agree with the way someone dresses and that is perfectly okay. However, we should celebrate and fight for the freedom of being able to choose what we wear. Our freedom is what is most important. The fact that I am able to dye my hair red should be of more significance than your actual opinion on how it looks. We should be thankful for diversity, how else would we stand-out, how else would we leave our mark on this world when we are all the same?

So many women face issues when it comes to their appearance and what do we do? We kick them down a little further, we comment on their weight, the shape of their nose and so on. The whole fat vs. skinny debate has turned women even more against each other. It should not matter how you look as long as you are capable of living a happy and healthy life. Your appearance does not define you. The shape of your nose says nothing about your intelligence. The size of your feet do not influence your abilities. Can we stop hating on each other? Why not support each other, try to get to the top together. We as women understand our capabilities, our strengths. Use those to get on top. Bringing someone down won’t necessarily bring you to the top. Furthermore, in the case that it does you might want to ask yourself if that is the way to go about things, if that is a price you are willing to pay.

It is for this reason that I compliment the people, the women around me. When your highlighter is on fleek, I will tell you. If your blog is amazing, I will praise you. When you are really good at singing, I will make sure I’ve told you at least a thousand times. The things you can do and the things you can achieve are limitless but getting to the top entirely by yourself is not reasonable. So why not help a sister along the way and maybe at some point you’ll realize how valuable you can be not only to yourself but also to others. Aim to move mountains.



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