Solo Sunday #5 Tights, Unbearable Heat and the Bodyguard

For the past five weeks I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone for this blog and to experience for myself whether I’d been overreacting all this time. Some things were more scary than others (I’m still dead serious when I say that I am NEVER eating out by myself again, no thanks) but overall I’ve been really proud of myself for doing all these things. How cheesy it may sound, I do feel as though I have grown from these experiences. I personally believe that life is so much better when you are capable of being by yourself. So when last Sunday I got the idea for this final (for now) Solo Sunday I wasn’t scared, I was excited and that is how I knew this little project of mine was a succes.


This photo was taken at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht because this week I went to the musical The Bodyguard by myself. If there is one thing you need to know about me it will be that I absolutely with my whole heart love singing. I (used to) sing under the shower, I sing while I do the dishes, sometimes I’ll sing at work and most definitely during a night out (which always results in me losing my voice and sounding like a 50 year old chainsmoker). When I go to the trainstation most of the times I’ll be confronted with the HUGE banner promoting The Bodyguard and one day everything just fell together. This was what would have to be my final Solo Sunday act. Like I said I love singing but have not been to a musical in an embarrassing long time. The last time was either in the same theater when I went to see Dirty Dancing with a friend and her parents or when I went to see Oliver Twist in London during my high school years. As soon as I started ordering the ticket I remembered why it had been so long… sitting in the back row of the theatre was so expensive that I had to sell my kidneys… No just kidding but considering where I was seated I did pay a ridiculous amount of money.

I went on Wednesday and the weather was unbelievable hot that day. I had class from 9 till 5 that day and after being incredibly close to passing out from a heatstroke during my Appropriations of Shakespeare lecture I was not even sure if I would make it to the theatre. The fact that the entire lecture was about statues of William Shakespeare did not help either. I wanted to look quite fancy so I figured I would wear this tight striped dress I own, some black sheer tights and my heeled boots. In between my first and second class of that day I had a big enough break to quickly go home and change. I went ahead and put on my dress and did my eyeshadow as a I figured that would stay on. I forgot the dress actually was a fall dress and so the fabric is incredibly thick so I sat in my other two classes radiating heat because it was way way too warm. At that point I was not even wearing tights. I’m not a big fan of my legs so I wanted to wear tights or I would not feel at comfort. Realizing that the outside temperature was of a height that would make Satan jealous I was not really looking forward to this. I stalled putting them tights on as long as I could. This resulted in almost missing the bus because the tights were so thin that I was constantly pulling little holes in them… Somehow I managed to finish my make-up and after quickly talking to my roommate I fast-walked to the bus.

When I booked my ticket I picked Wednesday because I had figured that it wouldn’t be so crowded, after all it was the middle of the week. When I got into the theatre it was extremely crowded. There was a press wall and I saw some Dutch celebrities (#goals). Once I saw the press I got kind of confused. This production had been running for at least a year. It did not become clear to me until the end of the show. As it turned out it was the birthday week of the Dutch production and that particular day was the one-year anniversary of The Bodyguard.


Awkward theatre selfie yassss

The period before the musical stared was a bit awkward because I was standing by myself in quite a crowded foyer. However, I was so excited that I put those feelings past me and could not wait for the doors to open. Once I got to my seat I saw that the lady on my left was by herself as well. She would continue for the rest of the evening to bob her head to the beat of the music. On the seats on my right side sat a mother and a daughter. From what I gathered from their conversation the daughter worked for the theatre. They talked a bit about how crappy the seats were and wondered how much those seats would have costed (I guess they did not have to pay). I told them about my kidney payment and I could tell they were a bit stunned. Soon they continued to talk about how crappy the seats were. They were quite nice though.

While the seat really wasn’t that great (I could not see the top part of the stage because of the balcony, nor could I see the facial expressions of the actors) I really enjoyed myself. The music was incredible (Romy Monteiro has an incredible voice, seriously if you don’t know her, look her up!) and the stage looked amazing. I did really have to fight the urge to sing along, I mean I could never hit those high notes but still. In the break I went to get myself something to drink while I actually had to go to the bathroom but having a drink in my hand would keep me from awkwardly staring at my phone the entire time. I felt kind of rushed after I got my drink so I clumsily stumbled away (which may also have had something to do with the heels) to a table. At this table stood this lady who wore a gorgeous black dress with lace details and a bow. I believe that people don’t compliment each other enough so I told this woman that I absolutely loved her dress. I could tell she really appreciated that. After I told her that the world could use some more positivity she agreed and complimented me on my make-up making my evening as well.

The second part of the show was even better and I’m really glad that I went. The whole time I felt so at comfort. The temperature outside was still very pleasant after the show so I decided to walk home. The walk was lovely except for the part when my feet decided they were done for the day and I pretty much had to crawl up the stairs because my feet were hurting so bad.

I had a blast! This was definitely a great way to end this series. I felt confident and at comfort and so much improved looking back on the first Solo Sunday. For you as a reader these blogposts may just have been something funny to read but I feel accomplished when I look back on what I did the past 5 weeks. As self image and how others perceive me have always been a great issue to me these activities which may seem little to others were big hurdles for me. I’m proud of myself, proud for doing these things, happy with the feedback and responses I have gotten from others and happy that it has helped me with feeling more at comfort.

Feel free to let me know what you thought of the Solo Sunday posts. I hope you liked them.



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