Wednesday Reviews #5

In another post I briefly mentioned what an exhausting task it can be to find a foundation to match my skin tone. This has resulted in countless of unused foundation bottles in my make-up stash because they turned out to be too dark after all. Which is why today I want to show you four different foundations which I personally really like and for each a different reason why.


I do not wear a lot of foundation, most of the time I just use it as a base for my contour and such. This is because I don’t have that bad of a skin. My problem is that my skin tone is very pale. Most people don’t immediately notice this because besides being very pale my face is also covered in freckles. If I wear foundation it often is to cover up those freckles because I don’t really like them. A lot of people find them cute but to me personally the only effect that they have is that they make me look as though I am twelve years old. The four foundations mostly differ in consistency but they do all have one thing in common which is that none of them have a matte finish. I don’t like foundations which have a matte finish because often they are very noticeable of they leave a powder like finish which emphasizes the tiny little hairs on your face.


The first foundation I want to mention is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. I bought this foundation most recently and became aware of it because of Nikkietutorials and other beautybloggers who use it. I really liked the coverage this foundation appeared to have so when I was in Lisbon this summer I had to go to Sephora. While it still does not entirely cover my freckles I’m very satisfied with the texture of the foundation. As you can tell this is also the darkest of the four. I bought this foundation to match the colour of my face to the colour of the rest of my body. While my face does not get tan at all my body does. There has yet to come a Summer in which people do not ask me whether I’m feeling alright because I look a little pale… No folks, that is just my complexion. The foundation itself is pretty liquid and therefore it’s great for layering. By this I mean that you can easily decide how much coverage you want. The price however is not so friendly, I paid €45,95 for this foundation.

The next foundation is the Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. This is the foundation I often use when I’m going to a party or going out. This foundation gives, in my personal opinion, more coverage than the Make Up For Ever foundation. You don’t need that much of this product for good coverage. Also the colour is quite light but it does not make look like the corpse bride. I don’t use this foundation too much because it was quite expensive (€34,- if I’m not mistaken) and because the packaging is fairly small. I don’t think that this foundation is extremely special or anything however, it does stay on really good.


This foundation is the lightest of them all which is both what I love and hate about it. The Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation is a really affordable and high quality product. I’m a huge fan of Max Factor (their eyeshadow palettes are insanely pigmented and a good dupe for the Naked by Urban Decay palettes) because their products are of great quality. This foundation is really light and therefore matches my skin perfectly. I would say it is a medium coverage foundation and also allows you to decide how much coverage you want. The downside is that because it matches my skin it makes me look extremely pale if I do not wear any blush or bronzer. It will literally make me look as if I am or have seen a ghost.


Finally, the Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation. This foundation gives the most coverage of all the Max Factor foundations and is thus a medium/high coverage foundation. The colour is a bit too dark for me but because the rest of my body is quite tan no one can really tell. This is my go-to foundation if I’m experimenting with make-up or if I’m going to wear a lot of make-up for a short amount of time because it is not that expensive and thus it would feel less like wasting the product. I would not put on my Make Up For Ever foundation if I knew that I would only apply it to try something new or to practice a certain look.

I hope you liked this post and I’m curious as to what your favorite foundation is or do you prefer to go all natural? Be sure to check back on Sunday because today  I’m going to do something really exciting which you can read about in the (for now) final installment of Solo Sunday.



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