Solo Sunday #4 (Next week final post)

Hi! I’m still a bit traumatized from last week’s experience which is why this week I decided to do something which wasn’t that far out of my comfort zone. I know, I know it isn’t as exciting but it still resulted in quite an hilarious experience. Also, to compensate for the fact that this week wasn’t as intense as the past few weeks I did two things by myself which I normally might not do. Furthermore, next week will be the last segment of Solo Sunday as it is only supposed to last 5 weeks. I do have something big (to me personally) planned which I’m really excited about.


I have been out of shape ever since I was born. I personally like to blame this on my mother. It feels as though God punished me because my mother decided to name me ‘the unbeatable’ and then God was like “We can have a little fun with that.” and thus made me fairly clumsy and uncoordinated (meaning: I have tripped over street tiles so many times that it does not even take me by surprise anymore). Logically, I have never been a fan of sports. My sister was good at everything from gymnastics to judo but I pretty much quit everything in the timespan of a year. The only sport that I did do for longer than a year was streetdance which, as you can guess, I wasn’t really great at. That didn’t really matter because for the longest time I really enjoyed myself. Point being, up till this day I still struggle with sports. When I’m at the gym I feel too embarrassed to lift any weights so I always end up on the crosstrainer.

Monday I decided it was time for a change. Normally I would go to the gym with either my sister or roommate or both. They both were running late so I decided I’d go by myself to Body Balance. I have been to Body Balance before at my old gym so I kind of knew what I could expect. Another thing which I’m terrible at is managing time which in combination with my absolute hate for being late resulted in me being there half an hour early. Boy did I really overestimate the walking distance to the gym. So I kind of hid in the lockerroom for a while but that started to get a bit awkward so I made my way to the class. Luckily the lady was already inside and I asked if it were okay to wait inside because I felt a bit awkward upstairs. She hesitantly agreed but I figured that had more to do with the fact that I took her by surprise. We then had a little chat about my history of constant athletic failure and after a few more minutes more people started to walk in.

Right in front of me was a woman who had a grand posture but that did not hold her back in any way. While I’m in no way able to touch my toes keeping my knees straight, this lady was incredibly flexible and able to perfectly do every exercise. I did do pretty well if I say so myself. I was more flexible than I thought I would be so that was a great accomplishment. As soon as I was expected to raise one leg and one arm an thus shaping my body like an airplane… yeah that’s were things started to go wrong. I really liked the class and thought it was very relaxing. My muscles were really sore though the day after.

Then on Tuesday I found out that I had to do way more to prepare for classes, which would start the next day, than I expected. I take a course on adaptations of Shakespeare which requires me to read all these different plays. I mean I enjoy doing so but figuring out last minute you have to read Othello can put quite some pressure on your shoulders. So I decided I would go to the Bagels and Beans behind my house and sit there doing the reading. I know that I have been to a Bagels and Beans by myself before but that was after I went to the zoo and I was able to hide behind my laptop (also they were only open for one more hour at that point).

I packed my iPad (which had the play on there) and walked to the coffeeshop. I started to notice that even though doing this was nothing in comparison to eating by myself, I did get a bit nervous. I decided to sit at one of those longer tables which are especially for individuals or people waiting on their to-go order. It was really crowded when I got there. I know it was right after lunchtime but still. In my mind everyone is at work on weekdays. Anyways, I ordered a large cappuccino (I personally believe they should call it the humongous cappuccino because that would be a better representation of its size.) which was really good and started reading.

After a while I got distracted and I’m pretty sure that I was observing people more than that I was reading but that’s okay. After a while I ordered my new favorite bagel which is the vegetarian chicken (if you click here it is the first item on their menu) and even though I’m not a vegetarian it is really good! After two and a half hours I finished the play and went back home because I was having dinner at my dad’s that evening.

I really didn’t mind going to Body Balance by myself. It turned out to be really okay and of course doing a class is different in the sense that everyone is there for their personal progress, it is quite an individual thing. So yeah, I would definitely recommend taking a fitness class by yourself. The going out for lunch by myself was also really great. I did not get distracted by my familiar surroundings and was thus, most of the time, able to focus on the play. If I read at home I’ll give up at a certain point and start doing something else. So casually enjoying really great coffee while doing the things you have to do, is a really good combination.

I hope you guys liked this post even though it may not seem like that much after the things that I did in the past weeks. Like I mentioned before next week will be the final segment of Solo Sunday (at least for a while) and this one will be pretty epic I hope. I just got my ticket this morning so I’m very excited to see what will come of it.



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