5 Books that Are Perfect for Fall

The leaves are slowly turning brown, the wind brings in the cold and the days are getting shorter… Autumn is here! If there is one thing which is THE ingredient for a perfect evening it is a good book. Combined with a nice cup of tea and a nice soft blanket or onesie and there is no way I’m getting out of the house. Which is why today I wanted to share the five books which I think are perfect for this season.


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Wednesday Reviews #7 Kiko Cocoa Shock Blush

When I laid eyes on my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette I was immediately sold and deeply in love. The colours and the smell of the palette won me over in a whim. So when I read on my good friend’s blog that Kiko had a new line of chocolate scented blushes I had to check them out! If you love fragranced beauty products as much as I do, be sure to read on.


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Room for Thought #6 Presidential Elections USA

First of all, it felt so weird not to post on Sunday, I do kind of miss Solo Sunday so maybe it will return every once in a while. I want today’s post to be about something you could not have missed… the Presidential Election in the U S of A. While first and foremost it is really important to use your right to vote I would like to make a case why you should not vote for Trump. Please do read and if you are not convinced by the end of this post then that is your right.


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My Skincare routine

You come home after a long day, first thing you want to do is jump in bed, close your eyes and doze off into a deep, nice sleep. Last thing on your mind is taking off your make-up. Heck, I cannot count the mornings on which I woke up to realize I smeared my foundation all over my lovely white pillowcases. But taking care of your skin is really essential which is why today I’ll be sharing my skincare routine.


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Solo Sunday #5 Tights, Unbearable Heat and the Bodyguard

For the past five weeks I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone for this blog and to experience for myself whether I’d been overreacting all this time. Some things were more scary than others (I’m still dead serious when I say that I am NEVER eating out by myself again, no thanks) but overall I’ve been really proud of myself for doing all these things. How cheesy it may sound, I do feel as though I have grown from these experiences. I personally believe that life is so much better when you are capable of being by yourself. So when last Sunday I got the idea for this final (for now) Solo Sunday I wasn’t scared, I was excited and that is how I knew this little project of mine was a succes.

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Wednesday Reviews #5

In another post I briefly mentioned what an exhausting task it can be to find a foundation to match my skin tone. This has resulted in countless of unused foundation bottles in my make-up stash because they turned out to be too dark after all. Which is why today I want to show you four different foundations which I personally really like and for each a different reason why.

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Solo Sunday #4 (Next week final post)

Hi! I’m still a bit traumatized from last week’s experience which is why this week I decided to do something which wasn’t that far out of my comfort zone. I know, I know it isn’t as exciting but it still resulted in quite an hilarious experience. Also, to compensate for the fact that this week wasn’t as intense as the past few weeks I did two things by myself which I normally might not do. Furthermore, next week will be the last segment of Solo Sunday as it is only supposed to last 5 weeks. I do have something big (to me personally) planned which I’m really excited about.

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