Wednesday Reviews #3

Hi! I can’t believe that I’m already writing my third Wednesday Review. This means that I’ve been blogging for 2,5 weeks now and I’m still loving it. For this weeks review I choose an eyeshadow palette which I just recently have gotten my hands on. It’s a real beauty and a money saver as well. If you want to know which palette I’m talking about be sure to read on.


The palette I’m referring to is the Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadows. I’ve wanted this palette for quite a while now but never did. Up until two weeks ago, I laid eyes on it once again and knowing how satisfied I am with my other Revolution products I could not let this deal pass me by. What I really like about this palette is that you get so many colours for such a low price.


The palette comes in a shiny pink cardboard wrapper. When taken out the palette has the basic Revolution look which is black with golden/rosé golden letters. It opens very easily and the top lid consist entirely of mirror on the inside. There are 32(!!!) shades inside. The colours are pretty dark and thus I would say a perfect palette for the fall. Because swatching the entire palette would feel like a waste of time and eye-shadow I swatched the five colours I used to create a look down below. All the shades inside contain sparkles. However, some shades contain a slight shimmer while others contain full-on sparkles. I love sparkly eyelids so this is not a problem to me. They do have a matte version of this palette which I’ve been dying to get my hands on as well.


For this post I created a look using Soft GlowBarely PinkUniversalRed Night and Burgandy Nights (from bottom to top). I used Soft Glow as a base colour for my entire eye, so from brow-bone till eyelid. Because it is such a light colour I made sure that it was well packed in the corner of my inner eye and thus serving as a highlighter. After that I used Barely Pink on the rest of the moving eyelid giving it a nice pink colour. I started deepening the look by layering Universal onto the previous colour up until the middle of the eyelid and thus creating a transition of colours. I packed Red Night onto the outer corner of my eyelid to create more depth and finally used Burgandy Nights in my crease and outer corner to blend it all together.

Before (mind the iPhone selfie I figured a selfie with my SLR woudn’t turn out that good):



Excuse the horrible blending in the top right corner. I had five minutes to create this look. As you can tell from the photos the shadows are really pigmented and create so many opportunities for a lot of different looks. I got my Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadows palette at Etos but it’s also available here. For people who do not live in the Netherlands this is their official website. It says the palette is out of stock at the moment but maybe they’ll restock or just google the name. I bought my palette at a price of €13.99 but I’ve seen it for much cheaper online.

Final thoughts:
I really like this palette especially considering the price at which it retails. It’s a really nice palette and perfect for people who are just beginning with make-up. The palette offers a big variety of colours and is therefore not just suitable for a soft look like I created but also for creating a night look. All the shades are shimmery which is something you probably should consider before buying it but I love it. The palette isn’t as soft as for instance my Benefit Chocolate Bon Bons palette but considering that I paid close to €46,- for that palette I don’t think that is too unacceptable.

I hope you liked this review. Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you have any experience with this palette or do you have a different eyeshadow palette which you love? Feel free to share.



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