Solo Sunday #2

Hi! It’s Sunday again so that means it’s time for another Solo Sunday. In this part of the blog I take big steps out of my comfort zone by doing things by myself which I normally never would. Last week I went to see Suicide Squad and once I got past the awkwardness I really enjoyed myself. This week I took two steps out of my comfort zone. Be sure to read on if you want to read what I did this week.


This week I went to the zoo in Amsterdam by myself. Why this is two steps out of my comfort zone is because me and Amsterdam don’t really get along (#UnpopularOpinion). Amsterdam to me personally is too big, you are squeezed into groups of tourists every step you take. If you finally get past all those foreigners with their Canon and Nikon cameras you get drowned in a stench which is a combination of last night’s beers, weed and vomit, especially in the summer when all these are quadrupled by the heat. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. I’ve heard many a time that it’s just in the city’s centre. Once you get past the crowds it should be fine.

Anyways, Amsterdam is not my favorite place on earth but they do have a zoo. When I was a “little” girl (Sometimes I wonder if I ever really was little with my 1.86m and all) we used to go there a lot. The thing I remember most was that we had an subscription to the zoo and everyone had a member card. My mother, father and sister all had these cool predators. I believe someone was a tiger, someone else a lynx and such. You know what I was… can you guess? I was a freaking fish… I was way lower on the food chain than the rest of my family. Heck, if it came to it in the wild they would eat me… The story my mother remembers most is that one time we annoyed a llama by running around up to the point where it spit at us. Apparently we were barely able to dodge the llama spit. So much for recollecting memories.

The night before I was finally able to meet up with one of my closer friends after not seeing each other for almost two months. Things got pretty late so when I woke up I had an incredibly hard time getting out of bed. After jamming out to High School Musical songs and doing my make-up I took the train to Amsterdam. Taking the train by myself is something I’ve become so accustomed to that it does not bother me. However, if you want to get anywhere in Amsterdam you have to use the tram. I’m really not keen on public transport, especially when there is a pretty big chance I might get lost. Imagine the hell Amsterdam is to me. To make it worse it was raining quite hard and there I was fixing to walk outside pretty much the entire day. After I successfully completed my little trip with the tram I got lost for a second. The zoo was pretty much right in front of me but I still managed to walk the other way. Call it a gift.

After I managed to find the entrance I bought myself a ticket and went into the nearest shop to get me an umbrella. I ended up supporting the building of the new residence of the elephants by buying a handmade keychain. At that point I also realized that they had removed all public maps of the park and now had to buy one which I refused. So I started wandering around. It had not even been 10 minutes before I ran into the first screaming mother. There was this one building where you could walk in between these little monkeys, lizards, bats and the occasional squirrel. But before you could get in you would have to wait in front of these two sliding doors which would only open if the second set of doors were closed. You can imagine what happened. As soon as we walked into the little waiting area we were joined by a lot of other people. Every time the outside doors were shutting someone would walk up to it and they would open again leaving us locked out of the building. The lady started bossing people around. Telling them they would have to wait outside but there were also quite a lot of tourists so they did not understand her. At one point she sort of lost it and started screaming at these people. I, for a second, thought she would stomp her foot at as well. It was at that point that I was really thankful for being there by myself.

I felt so at comfort at the zoo. Maybe because I used to go there a lot when I was younger. I had so much fun. A pelican did almost bite in my arm though. This really was one of the greater days of my life. Now you might think poor girl, that was one of her greater days? But I felt so at peace, I had such a good time. Every time I walked to a new group of animals I couldn’t help but smile. I walked in between walibis and lemurs. They were so fluffy, it was so hard not to pet them because they were so incredibly close.

I liked the butterfly garden the best. I just find butterflies such amazing little creatures. Once I entered it felt as if I was 10 again. I could not stop smiling and was amazed by the diversity and number of butterflies. I even went back after I’d walked through the entire park. Despite the heat in the garden I loved every second of it.

In the little mammal exhibit I had to refrain myself from trying to stuff my bag full with the little animals. They looked so cute! After three hours of wandering around, smiling and fully enjoying the park, I left to get some late lunch at Bagels & Beans. This is my favorite coffeeshop ever since I used to go there quite a lot with my mother. I had an amazing vegetarian chicken bagel (I’m not a vegetarian but I just was in the mood for something chickeny and surprisingly it tasted like chicken) and two smoothies before I slowly made my way back to Central Station. I ended the day at my dad’s for supper and stayed there quite some time.

I would definitely recommend going to the zoo by yourself. I had such an amazing time. Nobody was telling me to hurry or to slow down. As I moved freely through the zoo I got a look at so many different animals. I do have to say that when I go to the zoo I do have mixed feelings. The thought that those animals are there solely for my entertainment disgusts me. I do feel bad about the fact that these animals (or their family) got taken out of their natural habitat and put into confinement. Artis did seem to take really good care of their animals. There were zookeepers everywhere making sure the animals were at comfort and that people weren’t getting too close.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to check my other post today which will be a small gallery with pictures I took at the zoo. Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share any suggestions for other things that I can do.



3 thoughts on “Solo Sunday #2

  1. MissFurr says:

    Please write a book. Love the way you have with words! I remember one time in the zoo that you would’nt listen to your dad and me, age 4 I think, and after ten mintus in the zoo your shoes,socks and feet were soaking wet 😂

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