Wednesday Reviews #2

Hi guys! I’m so sorry this post is late. This week has been crazy so far with my brother’s birthday yesterday (he turned 16 so we went to an amusement park and I didn’t get home until twelve o’clock) and my trip to the zoo and my dad on Monday. To make it up to y’all I have an amazing product lined up. I just got it and by that I mean that I got it less than two hours ago. If you know me a little you know that I love buying make-up. Some people might argue that I own way too much but I try to stay away from that kind of negativity. There is one product which I especially love. If you are curious which product that is be sure to read on.


One of my favorite beauty products at the moment is highlighter. When I see a woman walking by whose highlighter is on point I always compliment her. There is no such thing as too much highlighter. I know some people like to keep their highlighter very basic but not me. The more sparkle the better! My skin is very very pale so foundation or bronzer shopping often turns into a nightmare. I totally get the frustration of people with darker skin that almost no drugstore brand carries dark enough colours because the same goes for people like me whose skin is extremely white. Luckily highlighters rarely every let me down. Which is why I’m so happy that I finally got my hands on this Sleek Highlighting Palette in the colour Solstice. The lady at the counter told me that Solstice is especially for people with fair skin. The colour Precious Metals is for people with darker skin.


The Palette has a beautiful gold packaging which makes it look very luxurious. The lid of the palette opens very easily because the palette is kept shut by two little magnets which are worked into the packaging. This is already a big plus for me because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped palettes because the lid was just way too tightly shut. The palette has a big mirror on the inside and above the four highlighters there is a small brush included. For me personally the only down-side to the packaging is the fact that it doesn’t open past a 90 degree angle.


Like I mentioned before the palette contains four different shades. From top to bottom, left to right: Hemisphere (this is purple coloured highlighter, perfect for highlighting the cheekbones), Equinox (this shade is more orange which I personally would use on either the cheekbones or on the nose), Ecliptic (this shade is the only one which has a creme texture, the other three colors are powder, it appears quite brownish but on the skin it blends really well) and finally Subsolar (this shade is yellowish and therefore also the lightest of the four, I would use this one on my brow bone and my nose). See below for the swatches on my skin.


I used the brush inside the packaging for the swatches. On the skin I prefer to use my Real Techniques Contour Brush. This brush is very round and therefore it does not create these very straight edges. The highlighter appears way more natural on the skin because the brush isn’t flat but rather egg-like. I haven’t tried the highlighter on my skin yet because the weather is extremely hot at the moment and I haven’t been wearing anything other than mascara today. The highlighters have a very soft texture and feel good on the skin. They don’t seem to have much fall-out but I’ll be sure to comment on that when I re-review this product after I’ve tried it several times.


The reason why I bought this palette was because the highlighter which I use the most at this point in time is also by Sleek. It’s part of their small contour palette which comes with quite a large pan of bronzer and a smaller highlighter. I bought this palette last year when I first started contouring. Because the bronzer is pretty dark for my skin tone I pretty much only use the highlighter.


If you are wondering what those tiny marks on my arm are; I hugged my cat at my mom’s yesterday and she always expresses her love through hurting me.

As you can tell from the swatch above the glitter in this highlighter is more subtle. Like I mentioned before I love really sparkly highlighters so I cannot wait to try my new Sleek palette. I bought my Sleek Highlighting Palette at Ici Paris XL for €13,50 (I have a member card so I got a 10% discount). It’s also available on their website You probably won’t have trouble getting your hands on this palette since Sleek is a pretty well known brand and also super affordable (but still high quality).

I hope you liked this review and be sure to check back in a month for part two of this review. I will then discuss the longevity of the highlighter, whether it stays put during the day and such. What is your favorite highlighter to use and do you have any recommendations for bronzers? I’ve been looking for one that isn’t too dark for my complexion but haven’t had any luck yet or they turn my skin orange.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Reviews #2

    • nicadoubleyou says:

      Highlighter is a product that is used to emphasize the features of the face where normally the light would fall (cheekbones, nose, brow bone and cupid’s bow). By doing so you would shape the face, giving it more structure. A bronzer can be used to create shadows and further shaping the face :). Hope this clears some things up.



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