Solo Sunday #1

When you see a pack of women heading towards the bathroom there is a 90% chance that I’m part of it. A group of people enjoying the sun in the lunchbreak? Also a big chance that I’m part of that group. Point being, I’m not that great at doing things alone. I’m fine when I go to the library to study on my own or to the mall to buy clothes but as soon as it involves any other sort of activity I’d rather not be alone with my thoughts. They say that life starts at the end of your comfort zone so that is what I’ll be doing for the coming 5 weeks. 


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This Monday I decided that I wanted to go to the movies. I often get excited to see a certain movie but when it is finally released I often don’t go due to conflicting schedules (Me Before You) or because I can’t find someone to go with me (Captain America, Thor or pretty much the entire Marvel cinematic universe). Back when they started promoting Suicide Squad I knew I wanted to see it and as the release date came closer I decided that I was going to this movie no matter what and so I did.

I wanted to go to the early showing because I’d figured there would be less people there but as the time-slot came closer my head started to hurt and I wasn’t feeling too good. There is a good chance that those were the nerves kicking in. If I’m honest, I wasn’t looking forward to going to the movies by myself. Like I mentioned before I get sort of nervous and these crazy things come to mind. I always feel like people are staring at me and the fact that I just dyed my hair pretty bright red wasn’t helping those feelings.

After a few hours I started feeling better and when the second time-slot came around I decided to get myself together, after all I flew halfway across the world all by myself when I was 15 and this was only going to the movies. So I quickly changed into one of my long dresses and got on my bike, realizing that I had to hurry or I’d be late. Now I don’t know if you have ever tried riding a bicycle in a maxi-dress but it’s pretty intense. While I was trying to keep my dress from getting stuck I also was juggling my phone because I kind of knew where the cinema was at but wasn’t too sure (also I’m very good at getting lost, just ask anyone who knows me).

My attempts of keeping my dress from getting stuck weren’t too successful as a nice lady pointed out to me just a few minutes before arriving at the cinema. At that point I couldn’t really care anymore. All I was thinking about was how awkward it would be if not only I would be late but also would have to walk into an already dark room by myself. When I arrived it turned out that I wasn’t too late but I still had to get my ticket. Just my luck, there was quite a big line in front of me. Turned out it was some sort of friend or family gathering who still had to decide which movie they were going to see as they were blocking  the only two open registers. Behind me was a younger couple of whom the boyfriend realized he forgot his wallet which caused the girlfriend to panic. Apparently she wasn’t allowed to go to the movies so she was planning to pay by cash and now she had to pay by card which would result in her parents finding out because they checked her bank statements.

After I finally was able to buy my ticket I rushed towards the elevator because I had to get to the top floor. I was joined by a father and a daughter which led to a very awkward way up. As soon as the elevator doors opened up I had to refrain myself from rushing out, instead I fast-walked to my seat. The room hadn’t turned dark yet so I had no trouble finding my assigned seat. Now I know a lot of people just pick a seat as soon as they arrive but every time I decided to give that a shot I would later on get dirty looks from the people who had originally been assigned those seats. So there I was, I figured the girl would have placed me in a seat maybe by myself… Nope, my seat was situated between two teen girls who were very busy with Snapchat and a couple who were in their late twenties. You can imagine my cheeks turned the same red as my hair when I went to sit down between them.

As soon as the lights went out though I accepted the fact that I was there by myself to enjoy this movie and the feelings of awkwardness faded. When in the first few minutes of the movie I heard the song House of the Rising Sun (which also features in my favorite season of American Horror Story) I knew it had to be good. While there were some lines in the script that didn’t work for me, I really liked how Deadshot pointed out white privilege when he’s recruited for the Suicide Squad. You have this movie which is very much about things that we cannot imagine happening. So I really liked how they did point out (even though it was very brief) real life issues. While I really enjoyed watching Suicide Squad I do think it would lose some of its magic when viewed at home. This is one of those movies which is great because of the surround sound and the bigger than life screen, which compliments the special effects.

Once I got past the awkwardness I really enjoyed myself. Going to the movies by yourself really isn’t that bad. Now some of you guys may think of think of this as obvious but for me it really was quite a big step. When I look back on my experience I can definitely say that I’ll be doing this again. I’m not missing out on any movies that I really want to see just because I cannot find anyone to go with me. I hope you liked this post and if you have any suggestions for other things that might be challenging to do by yourself let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and hopefully till next time!



6 thoughts on “Solo Sunday #1

  1. Alyssa Vr says:

    I will gladly go see Marvel movies with you (or at least you can tag along if you want). My brother always says that going to the movies alone is the best way to experience a movie because no one is distracting you from it. I am the same way though so good for you for doing it by yourself 🙂

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