Wednesday Reviews #1

If you are clumsy like me you are going to love this product. I’d been thinking for quite a long time on the subject of my first review. I had several make-up palettes lined up when I realized I have a lifesaver lying around that I need to tell other people about. Now I promise it won’t always be like this but after this product helped me once again I feel as though it deserves to be in the spotlight.


The product that I’m talking about is the Vanish Powergel which is a pre-washing treatment for your fabrics. Let me tell you guys something about pants shopping. I don’t know how other women experience this dreadful task but I cannot count the times that I stared at myself crying in the dressing room mirror because finding a good pair of jeans is more difficult than finding rare Pokémon on Pokémon Go. Now that I’ve tried on pretty much every brand of jeans there is I know what to look for but I still find it a challenging task. What is the relevance of this anecdote you may wonder? Well when I dyed my hair last week at a friends house the most unfortunate thing happened… I got splatters of the dye on my brand new pair of jeans. I didn’t have much faith at first but I thought why not give it a shot and my jeans looked brand new once I got them out of the washer.

Flashback to two months ago, I considered being healthy for once so I had gotten a bunch of fruit at the store. Since my room is too small to comfortably store a couch I lounge on my bed most of the time. Now for some stupid reason while I was eating cherries I bit one in half. Down came a rain of cherry juice falling on my sheets. It looked like someone had had a nosebleed. Thinking I would never get the stains out of my sheets I left them like that for two weeks because I went to Portugal soon after the whole incident. When I came back I decided to wash it while treating it with the Vanish Powergel and surprisingly all the stains came out. It’s impossible to tell where they were before. (I feel like such a mom writing about this product, what 20 year old gets excited about treating stained clothes… Oh well)

Below you’ll find a picture of my bathrobe which I wear after I take a shower. Because I dyed my hair so recently my hair still stains fabric while wet. As you can tell from the picture my robe suffered quite a lot.


So I washed it after I treated it with the treatment and this is how it came out of the washer:


As you can tell no more hair dye stains. Bear in mind that this is permanent dye and that red is a really hard colour to wash out of anything. In case you were wondering why I still wear a children’s bathrobe, surprisingly it still fits after I’ve had it for at least 14 years. Besides I’m a college student, I don’t have enough money to splurge on fancy bathrobes so as long as this old rag still fits me, it will do.

For Dutch people reading this you can order it online over here or just go to Albert Heijn where it’s much cheaper (Blokker sells it as well). If you’re not from the Netherlands try this Amazon link.

Now don’t worry I won’t be reviewing laundry detergent in the future but I just thought I’d share my knowledge. If you’re a broke student like me you cannot afford to buy new clothes every time you spill chocolate or cherry juice on them (I just really like eating and eating comes with certain risks). Furthermore, of course this post was not sponsored (I mean come on, my blog has only been online for like two days, ain’t nobody investing in me yet) I just really find this product a miracle worker especially with the whole clumsiness thing I’ve got going for me.

I hope you liked this post and please let me know if you have any other useful tips. Be sure to check back on Sunday for the first part of my Solo Sunday series where I take big steps out of my comfort zone.



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Reviews #1

  1. Miss Furr says:

    Hmm I could used this stuff several weeks ago when I spilled dax on my shirt leaving a very, very big greasy spot on my shirt. I washed it at least three times and it still looks funky😂 By the way with your hair dyed very red and your last post you remind me of Bree (desperate housewives, was she really caaled Bree? I don’t know for sure)

    Liked by 1 person

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