Wednesday Reviews #3

Hi! I can’t believe that I’m already writing my third Wednesday Review. This means that I’ve been blogging for 2,5 weeks now and I’m still loving it. For this weeks review I choose an eyeshadow palette which I just recently have gotten my hands on. It’s a real beauty and a money saver as well. If you want to know which palette I’m talking about be sure to read on.

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Room for Thought #2

It’s Monday which means it is time for a new Room for Thought. Last week I discussed what feminism means to me and why I personally need it. This week I like to discuss a personal preference of mine. Something I can imagine a lot of people might not agree with but let me explain why I choose to do this.

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Solo Sunday #2

Hi! It’s Sunday again so that means it’s time for another Solo Sunday. In this part of the blog I take big steps out of my comfort zone by doing things by myself which I normally never would. Last week I went to see Suicide Squad and once I got past the awkwardness I really enjoyed myself. This week I took two steps out of my comfort zone. Be sure to read on if you want to read what I did this week.

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Wednesday Reviews #2

Hi guys! I’m so sorry this post is late. This week has been crazy so far with my brother’s birthday yesterday (he turned 16 so we went to an amusement park and I didn’t get home until twelve o’clock) and my trip to the zoo and my dad on Monday. To make it up to y’all I have an amazing product lined up. I just got it and by that I mean that I got it less than two hours ago. If you know me a little you know that I love buying make-up. Some people might argue that I own way too much but I try to stay away from that kind of negativity. There is one product which I especially love. If you are curious which product that is be sure to read on.

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Room for thought #1

Hi! This segment of the blog will be about things that trouble me or the things that keep me busy. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been very aware of the world around me. I remember being seven years old, standing in the shower when tears started streaming down my face. Why? Because I was afraid that the holes in the ozone layer were getting too big and that we would die. Flashback to September 11, 2001, I was five years old and I can still picture me and my mother watching the news. The people jumping out of the windows is a picture that will haunt me for the rest of my life. One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I need an outlet for my thoughts, a way of sharing them without forcing them onto people. This week it will be about a topic which means a lot to me.

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Solo Sunday #1

When you see a pack of women heading towards the bathroom there is a 90% chance that I’m part of it. A group of people enjoying the sun in the lunchbreak? Also a big chance that I’m part of that group. Point being, I’m not that great at doing things alone. I’m fine when I go to the library to study on my own or to the mall to buy clothes but as soon as it involves any other sort of activity I’d rather not be alone with my thoughts. They say that life starts at the end of your comfort zone so that is what I’ll be doing for the coming 5 weeks.  Continue reading

Wednesday Reviews #1

If you are clumsy like me you are going to love this product. I’d been thinking for quite a long time on the subject of my first review. I had several make-up palettes lined up when I realized I have a lifesaver lying around that I need to tell other people about. Now I promise it won’t always be like this but after this product helped me once again I feel as though it deserves to be in the spotlight.

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